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Covered walkways are both functional and design-impacting. For this reason, we design, fabricate and install canopy systems that will endure through the harshest weather elements and complement your building's architectural style. Our team will work closely with your team to ensure your satisfaction throughout the process. Below, are the specifications to expect. For more information, view Engineering Data.


General: The aluminum canopy shall be an all extruded structural system with the design being either Dry Walk (perpendicular decking and perimeter gutter) or Traditional (decking running long way) as manufactured by Gulf South Metals. All extrusions shall be aluminum alloy 6063-T-6 temper. All materials will be fabricated only from approved shop drawings from the Architect/Owner.

Load/Design Requirements: The system shall be designed to follow the International Building Code 2012, ASCE 7-10 and the local building codes, or as required by the Architect/Owner.

Roof Deck: All sections shall be interlocked in the field to form self flashing, and structurally rigid connections. The deck shall be assembled with no exposed interlocking joints on the underside.

Construction: Columns, beams and perimeter guttering shall be either mechanically fastened with concealed stainless steel fasteners or factory welded bents if shipping allows.

Finishes: Aluminum extrusions shall have a factory applied back enamel finish AAMA 2603 / 2604 or anodized as per Aluminum Association Specifications AA-M-10C-22A-42. Color to be selected from Gulf South Metals standard colors. Kynar paint colors also supplied.

Erection: Erections shall be scheduled after all work in the canopy area is complete. Column sleeves (styrofoam block-outs) are furnished by Gulf South Metals and installed by the General Contractor, according to the approved shop drawings.

Certification: Design calculations and stamped drawings signed by a Registered Professional Engineer can be provided upon request from the Architect/Owner.

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